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Good morning. This is Saul here at Saul’s AUTOTEK and today we’re going to talk to you about the new Maserati luxury cars.

A few years ago the new Maseratis came back into the US domestic market and since then they’ve taken off like wildfire. Sales are through the roof, Maserati as a brand name is doing spectacular. However, the dealerships are truly fighting to keep service moving as quickly as possible.

Recently, because these are such a niche vehicle, many dealerships have had a wait list of two, three months or beyond to get these into service. Due to some warranty and recall issues, they’re having to fill their bays with vehicles that they must mandatorily service first and you as a consumer are paying that price, waiting a longer time to get yours in.

Here at Saul’s AUTOTEK, we can get your Maserati in, get all your basic standard services performed without you having to pay that dealership price for that dealership name. If you’ve got a Maserati and you need to get service done sooner than the dealership can provide, or you’re simply looking for a more competitive answer, please give us a call her at Saul’s AUTOTEK, we can be reached seven days a week, 365 days a year at 303-919-7769. Make sure to tell your dealer.

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