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Most headlight lenses these days are made of plastic instead of the glass that they used to be.  When they were made of glass they would stay clear unless they were impacted by something from the road, and even then they would not become discolored.  Nowadays with the plastic lenses they will oxidize and turn yellow and foggy.  This only happens to the top layer of plastic on the lens and rarely penetrates any deeper. Because of this we are able to remove the top layer of plastic and refinish the lens.  This clears up the light and brightens the light that actually makes it to the road.  Unfortunately because the lenses are still made of plastic, this repair only lasts for a few years and will need to be done again at some point.  The larges environmental factor that affects the headlight lenses is heat and UV.  The more the car sits in the sun the faster this oxidation occurs.

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