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Every major vehicle manufacturer uses Interstate 70’s Eisenhower/ Johnson Tunnel approach as a testing playground for new motor vehicles.

Often while driving from Georgetown to Silverthorne or vice versa you will see black and white camouflaged vehicles on the road. This is because this area provides some of the most difficult driving challenges a vehicle can face in the world! For every 1,000’ of elevation, you gain you lose 3% oxygen content. That means at the tunnel your vehicle is breathing with 65% of its regular power, and ascending a 6% grade. That is no easy task for any vehicle. This is why engineers use this area as a major testing circuit for new vehicles before they are released for production. Additionally, Saul’s Automotive tests all-new engine installs on I-70 before returning them to our guests. Our goal is to ensure longevity and consistency, that means we perform the same testing on the same roads after we perform major services. Our guarantee that your vehicle meets or exceeds factory standards.

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