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Test Driving Every Vehicle Before Leaving the Auto Repair Shop in Denver

Here at Saul’s Automotive, we pride ourselves with our efficient work with any vehicle. We maintain every vehicle with the utmost level of care and service no matter the situation.

In the case of today, we have a 2006 LandRover which is a Range Rover Super Charge Edition within their brands of cars. This is one of the high performing luxury SUV within the market of SUV’s. The owner of this 2006 Land Rover brought in his car for an upcoming road trip for the fourth of July. His vehicle just had received some major repairs and the owner wanted to ensure that there won’t be any upcoming problems on their road trip.

Here at Saul’s Automotive, we want to ensure that each vehicle will have the utmost care so that their car will running in the best shape possible. Even though the repairs were done two days ago to the vehicle when tested her the car performed flawlessly. We wanted to make sure that there would no problems or repercussions of the vehicle getting repaired so recently.

One of my workers came in early to make sure that this car would run flawlessly for the owner. The owner wants to make sure that there will be no chance of the car having problems and we are here to make sure he does not worry.

If you have a Land Rover vehicle and you have not received the greatest service from the car dealership, please come take it to us here at Saul’s Automotive. We provide free service diagnosis and would be happy to look at your vehicle. Come bring your Land Rover to us! Call us at 303-919-7769


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