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Maserati vehicles. Some of the most fun to drive, luxurious automobiles still sold in North America, now one of the rare and few ones to see come in for auto repair service.

These were a select few to be shipped stateside, and as a result, are pretty highly sought after. Now, five to ten years down the road, we’re seeing more and more come in for service as they age with time, and as a result, we’re able to put our expertise to hand.

In this case, this vehicle seems to need just basic, standard maintenance, oil change, a valve cover gasket, and some basic lubrication and filter changes. However, it did have a problem with its convertible top and, while the dealership recommended the only option as a straight replacement, for the cost of $30,000 or more, we were able to find a local rebuilder who was able to physically disassemble the damaged component of the top itself, manufacture us a new one that we could then reinstall in the vehicle to get this top corrected and working properly.

So, whether it be a minor repair, basic maintenance, or something a little out of the ordinary, if you have a concern with your Maserati vehicle, we would be happy to help and keep you on the road.

Here in Denver, there are very few places to get a Maserati serviced. We’re one of the few, where you’ll see two of the same vehicle in at the same time. Please give us a shout. Saul’s Automotive, seven days a week, at 303-919-7769.

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