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Here in Colorado, the most common vehicle sold in the state is a Subaru.

One of the most common engines in those vehicles is the EJ25. That engine is in everything from an Impreza, a Legacy, an Outback, a Forester on up.

In the case of this Subaru Outback Baja Turbo, it came in for just some basic vacuum lines, simple repairs, nothing out of the ordinary. However, we see lots of head gasket failures with Subarus in addition to regular timing belt service, water pump service and basic suspension repairs that seem to be typical of Colorado’s abrasive roads.

If you’ve got a Subaru that’s been on the road for 10 years, needs a little love just to keep it going and stay on the road, we can take care of you and just get the minimum maintenance done to keep you safe and keep you rolling. At the same time, if you’ve got a new one, you want a dealership alternative without breaking the bank, we’d be happy to help.


Whether it’s keeping just your basic maintenance on the road or doing a major repair that’s been holding off for a long time, we stand behind almost every repair at our shop with a lifetime warranty. Specifically, head gasket failures on these vehicles are chased with a lifetime warranty. Same with timing belt repairs.

So if you’ve got a concern with your Subaru, by all means, please give us a call. Come and see us at Saul’s Automotive. We’re here 365 days a year. 303-919-7769. Thank you.

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