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While often times, vehicles come in during a road trip or family adventure, and it can be a stressful situation, the owners are trying to get back on the road as quickly as possible, and there are sometimes major repairs involved, we take care of those. We get ‘em back on the road. That’s the easy part for us. The entertaining part for us is seeing which cars come in with which different pieces damaged in which ways.

Today, we’re gonna talk a little bit about how you can avoid these situations. For instance, how many vehicles with automatic transmissions that have a floor shifter that has come in with a problem shifting or going into gear, and the problem was related to melted candy bars. We literally have a running sheet of these. At the same time, we have a running list of how many vehicles we’ve had come in where the battery had failed to keep everything charged overnight. The owner came out in the morning to a dead battery and not where the headlights left on, not where the interior light’s left on, but the keys were left in the ignition and the car was left on. We’ve had vehicles towed in that ran out of gas many, many, many times. This is a good way to save a fuel pump – keep at least a quarter tank of fuel in your car at all times.

At the same time, we’ve had vehicles come in where the radio’s inoperable, and we pull it out to disassemble and check it and find melted pieces of candy, sometimes beef jerky. We’ve even had complaints of vehicles that have a little bit of airflow coming through the dashboard. You turn on the heat or the air conditioning and the-the blower motor sounds loud, everything sounds like it’s working, but you’re not getting a lot of air coming out of the dash, and we’ve pulled dashboards apart and found credit cards and business cards that have fallen through your dashboard. We’ve found packs of cigarettes that have fallen through and blocked the heater assembly. All kinds of stuff.

The best way that you can keep your vehicle running the longest is to keep it clean.

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