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Hi there. I’m Saul Reisman, here at Saul’s automotive, and today we’re going to take you back to what would normally be considered the basics: a General Motors or Chevrolet vehicle.

While every auto repair shop can service these types of vehicles, if you’ve got aftermarket racing or performance components on your vehicle, you may have found it difficult to get reliable service, or even find auto repair shops that want to help service and maintain your vehicle, mainly because the amount of time and effort that go into it can be greatly larger than what the vehicle would otherwise normally require.

A lot of other shops see that as a loss of sale, because they’re not making this much money for the amount of time they’re putting into the car. Here at Saul’s Automotive, we see that as not only a fantastic learning opportunity, but a great way to experience different, unique and truly one-off vehicles.

In the case of the 2011 Chevy Camaro, that’s standing behind us, this is an Edelbrock-supercharged vehicle running on DC coil-overs, with literally every single bolt-on performance part available in the book bolted on. While from the exterior we see a little different wheel setup, a different body kit, a different front lip, when we go under-hood, we see this flat-plane intake manifold replacement supercharger.

Additionally, the components that it came with gave it the possibility to run adjustable pulleys for adjustable boost, this huge 100-millimeter intake, and throttle body setup, and a large racing filter assembly as well, to truly make the most performance out of this vehicle.

While this vehicle is definitely seeing horsepower numbers in the 600-to-700 range, it also means that it wears components a lot faster. While it’s in here today, it literally made so much power that the gauges that hold the vacuum to that supercharger got sucked into the supercharger. It made too much power and literally inhaled the hoses and pulled them in.

Well, a lot of other shops would look at that and say, “We need to try and call a manufacturer and find a replacement. It could take weeks, and we’ll have to get a kit,” here at Saul’s Automotive, we simply take the old components — what’s left of them. We partner with Pirtek, an independent hydraulic-assembly rebuilder that specifically works with Caterpillar and heavy-duty equipment so that we can get your lines rebuilt bigger, better, stronger than they were ever produced for the vehicle, and we can pressure-test them ourselves to confirm.

That way, we know this vehicle will not have another failure of the same. We can improve it, and raise that bar from a performance standpoint, so that we can match our customer service, and our level of service, to that at which you truly desire for your vehicle.

If you’ve got a vehicle that you’re trying to get the most performance out of, trying to truly get to that further edge of it, and you can’t quite find a shop that will do what you need, please give us a call. Even if we can’t get you the direct answers that you need, we know somebody who can. As experts in this industry, we partner with different auto repair shops all over the country, to ensure that we can get you the best customer service, and the best quality parts possible.

If you’re putting together a game plan for the performance aspect of your vehicle, let’s sit down and talk. There’s no cost associated so that we can both make sure you’re getting what you want out of your vehicle. 303-919-7769. Seven days a week, 365 days a year.

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