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Hi there. I’m Saul Reisman here at Saul’s AUTOTEK. Today we’re gonna talk to you a little about the customer service aspect of the automotive industry. A lot about the auto repair industry has not changed in one, two, even five decades. That really concerns us. People always forget that this is a service industry. Just like when you would go to a restaurant and you would expect the best quality service from your staff, we try and deliver the exact same performance here at Saul’s AUTOTEK.

One of the ways we do that and one of the ways we’re able to keep these bays so full is by you folks letting us do the diagnostics on your vehicles completely free of charge.

The industry standard in the United States is that you’re gonna pay an hour to an hour and a half of labor, typically $100 to $200 to have any local repair shop or dealership inspect your motor vehicle. The downside of such is that you’re then paying out-of-pocket for something just to learn information.

Now if we remember schoolhouse rock when we were kids, and they tell us knowledge is power, that rings true today. One of the beauties of having something like the internet available to us is we can do research and look at things before you go to the mechanic, just like you might hope on WebMD before you go to the doctor. Not only does that provide you with that resource, but we’re additionally here to be that resource of knowledge for you.

We like to offer a free diagnostic service for a multitude of reasons. First and foremost, call us selfish for saying such, but we like to do that diagnostic for free because we wanna know from the get-go, exactly what your vehicle needs, start to finish, front to back, top to bottom, do that when we approach you and say, “Hey, here’s what we think is going on. Here’s the best way to proceed”, we know the right game plan is being made and the big picture’s being looked at.

We’re not just coming in for one noise and ignoring the seven other things going on. We’re here to solve the problems and make sure that you’re completely aware of everything going on with your motor vehicle. That way you can make an informed, knowledgeable decision using the information in front of you, and not feel any pressure to incentivize you from that cost.

A lot of local shops will tell you that if you pay them to do the diagnostic, they’ll use that money towards the repair assuming you opt to have them repair your vehicle. If you have something like a motor or transmissions failure that’s thousands of dollars to repair, you might opt out of that. You might not want to do it then, or ever, and you shouldn’t have to pay out of pocket, just to learn what’s going on with your vehicle.

If you’ve got a concern about yours if you’d like to learn what’s going on, even if it’s something that you want to fix yourself and you just want to make sure it’s right before you do such, we at Saul’s AUTOTEK would love to help you out. We wanna build a relationship with you and your vehicle so that you know we’ve got your longevity, your safety and your reliability in mind.

If you need a diagnostic on your vehicle, we’re here seven days a week, 365 days a year. Feel free to call us at 303-919-7769 or drop in any time. We’d be happy to see you.

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