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Exhaust shop for repair and replacement of exhaust system components such as mufflers. Autotek is here to help with your exhaust and muffler repair or replacement needs.

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Does Your Exhaust System Need Repair?

Exhaust systems are rather simple, take the burned fuel and air from the engine and expel them from the rear of the vehicle. Since there are many things in the exhaust as it leaves the engine there are a few required components that are in the system. The components in the exhaust system that control these emissions are the catalytic converters, oxygen sensors, and Air/Fuel ratio sensors. The sensors monitor emissions in different parts of the system and give the information to the engine control computer so that it can make adjustments to the fuel and air going into the engine. The computer also uses this information to see how the catalytic converter is performing. If your exhaust system needs repair or muffler needs replacement, then reach out to our exhaust shop today.



Catalytic converter(s)

Oxygen sensor(s)

Air/Fuel ratio sensor(s)

Resonator pipe


Exhaust & Mufflers Are Important For Any Vehicle

The exhaust system is the most susceptible system on any vehicle for rust. Since it is one of the hottest systems of the entire vehicle, is exposed to the elements underneath, and are typically not made of corrosion resistant steel. Because of this, many older vehicles that have spent a lot of time in a high corrosion environment will need to have components of the system repaired or replaced more often than others. The most common of these is the muffler itself. When it comes time that you see your vehicle requiring exhaust system maintenance or muffler replacement, then call our exhaust shop at Autotek. Our team of exhaust specialists are standing by to help.

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