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In 1999, 1 year after producing nearly 250,000 pickup trucks with V8 engines, Dodge issued a recall on the intake manifold and associated bolts and gaskets as a result of corrosion. The recall entailed that the bolts and gaskets on the intake manifold must be replaced or cross cylinder contamination can and will occur. The recall allows 2.5 hours for the replacement, though the repair will typically leave broken hardware that can take many many hours to replace. As a resul,t many dealerships did not feel obligated to proactively service these recall campaigns. Now, 17 years later, that same corrosion has caused serious damage to the engine that will take many hours of drilling to repair.

Fortunately for our guests we do our ample research and found this recall before any work was performed. This allowed us to save significant time on diagnostic procedures and get pointed in the right direction immediately. Unfortunately, this vehicle needs a major repair, but, we can show that the dealership gave a reason to go somewhere else.

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