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Bentley is one of the fastest cars sold in North America reaching speeds of up to 198 MPH.

I once drove one up to 190. (no where near Colorado 6th ave or the I 25 of course)

It weighs almost 6000 pounds w 636 HP, it is one of the heaviest cars made.

It is the same car as a Volkswagon Jetta but the engine in a Jetta is either 4 cylinder turbo or the v6 3.0

A Bentley is a W12 so it’s really like TWO engines using one crank Shaft.

And then they turbocharged each 6 cylinder engine!

When hooked the car up to our ECU (engine control unit), it showed TWO separate engines.

Bentley told me that the cooling fan was only available through Bentley and would cost $7000

Volkswagen Auto Group MAKES most of the parts for Bentley, so we were able to find a perfectly matching part for only $500.

So, if you own a Bentley or other exotic luxury car, be sure to bring it to us if you were quoted a very high price for a replacement part. We will always world source and find the best perfectly matching part for your vehicle saving you hundreds if not thousands of dollars.

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