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Hi, there. I’m Saul here at Saul’s Autotek, and today I’m standing behind this 2009 Audi A4.

Now, if we look at this vehicle, we can see that it looks pretty cool. Somebody’s made a few exterior modifications to try and make it look as fly as they can. They’ve put a carbon fiber wing on the back. They’ve added some different aftermarket wheels. They went ahead and put some nice hot tires on it. Now, while it looks visually very appealing, the reality is by adding an oversized wheel and increasing the rotating mass effectively at each of the corners of the vehicle, the steering, suspension, and brakes have to do more work to perform the same tasks. Unfortunately, in the case of this vehicle, there’s a price to pay for that. The suspension of the vehicle could not take the abuse of those big heavy wheels put onto it.

As a result, we’re going to be replacing the control arms in the suspension because the rubber in them hasn’t been able to put up to the tolerances that these heavy wheels have been beating them up with. If you’ve got a Volkswagen, Audi, or even a Bentley or Bugatti vehicle, which all utilize the exact same componentry in their suspension design, we want to support you making modifications to your car and making it look the way that you want. We can also support that by installing control arms that are adjustable for alignment purposes and are stronger than the factory componentry so that you don’t have issues down the road. In the case of this vehicle, it’s only got 60,000 miles, and we’re doing a substantial suspension repair because these heavy wheels did some serious damage to the suspension componentry underneath it.

We’re going to be putting on arms that have a much higher durometer rating for the rubber and the bushing so it’ll take that abuse a little bit better and have adjustable castor slots so that even though the vehicle’s ride height has been altered by the owner of the vehicle, we’ll still be able to align it to the original equipment manufacturer specifications.

You’ve got a vehicle with after-market parts, steering, suspension, tires, wheels, brakes, and you want it to work perfectly even though those aren’t the parts it came with from the factory. Come and see us here at Saul’s Autotek. We want to work with you to help get your dreams satisfied. If you want your car to look a certain way, drive a certain way, or feel a certain way, we’ve got your back 100%. Rather than tell the owner, “Well, this just isn’t right. You need to put the factory things back on it or it’s not going to do the job,” we want to support them doing it the way they want.

So, if you want your true one-stop-shop to take care of your vehicle, whether it needs regular maintenance or repair or custom modifications to be able to handle further repairs and further modifications, come and see us here at Saul’s Autotek.

We’ll take care of all your factory, original equipment, or aftermarket needs seven days a week, 365 days a year.


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