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Best Wheel Alignment Using Hunter Laser Technology

At Saul’s Autotek Repair Shop maintain the highest level and most recent technology so that we can keep your vehicle on the road. For example, we have most recently bought the best Hunter Laser Alignment system so that we can test your car efficiently. With this, we can truly align any vehicle that comes in. This technology comes with lasers that come from all four corners with a mirroring surface on all four tires so we can see every angle of your car. Additionally, this lets us move the vehicle while these heads are on them so we can get many different angles. For example, these angles can help provide information about the steering and the brakes so that your car runs more efficiently.

If you need an alignment on your vehicle or if it is pulling to any other direction that what it does normally please call us at 303-919-7769. All alignments are free and take under an hour. 

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