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While we are here to fix your vehicles and we do get some entertainment, along with some stressors from the vehicles we service, we will always do whatever it takes to give you the most cost-effective auto and truck repair.

We recently had a vehicle come in with a jammed automatic floor-shifter that was completely encased in melted Gummy Bears. The owner, in very serious duress, had very little funds to attempt the Denver auto repair, and the auto repair replacement part was almost $700.

Rather than just opt and say,

“We have no choice. This is the only way to do it.”

We took the initiative to disassemble the nice, sticky, melted shifter assembly, remove all the electrical components from it, one at a time, put all of the hard metal and plastic components in a dishwasher, clean them, clean all of the electrical components with a toothbrush, reassemble the shifter assembly, put it back in the car and be able to only charge our guest a basic labor service charge and no major expensive parts to get them back on the road.

Of all of the customers, guests and friends that we’ve had come through our doors, that may be one of the happiest we’ve ever seen.

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