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When it comes to the Denver Auto Repair service industry, both for ourselves as service professionals and for the men and women every day who have to use their vehicles for service jobs, the pickup truck is the American go-to.

For literally half of a century, a pickup truck has been the way to start your small company, the way to get things moving and going, and the way to get products and supplies where they need to be. To this day, it is the most common fleet vehicle seen for service across the country. One of the most reliable fleet pickups out on the market is the GMC Silverado, also known as the K15.

Their original pickup truck chassis that has been in production for, at this point, half of a century, has had minor changes, minor updates, and revisions, but still provides the ultimate in longevity. In the case of this vehicle, it has 245,000 miles. Your average modern vehicle is designed for a 10-year and 150- to 250,000-mile lifespan. This vehicle, at 245,000 miles, is just about halfway through its engine lifespan. The motor, transmission, transfer case, differentials, axles, the axle shafts, the drive shafts, the physical running gear, the hard parts that if they break will leave you stranded, are in almost meticulous condition.

The vehicle has been regularly maintained, has had its oil changed, has had everything lubed on a regular basis, but nothing beyond that out of the ordinary in any way. The Duramax diesel engine that was put into these vehicles was estimated in a large truck to last half a million miles. In a regular-size pickup truck like we see here, we could easily see that number grow to 550-, 6-, maybe even 650,000 miles on the original engine. Now, the cost of entering the market of ownership of these vehicles may be high because of such. At the same time, you find 15- and 20-year-old GMC Duramax diesel vehicles still on the market, commanding $10-, $15-, $20,000 for their resales because of the condition and the longevity of these vehicles.

If you have fleet vehicles, like this roofing company with its Duramax diesel fleet, please come and see us. We can keep your cost of investment low while keeping the return on investment from your trucks high. If you are concerned about the longevity and a good plan to keep your trucks on the road for a very long time, or you’re just not sure of the condition of your fleet itself or where they stand, let us know. We’d be more than happy to put a good eye and good perspective to all of your GMC vehicles so that we can keep your fleet on the road for as long as possible.
303 919 7769

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