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Hey, there. I’m Saul with Saul at Saul’s Autotek and today I’m underneath the deck running 1996 Ford Bronco. Now we’re running it up in the air because we’re doing the last quality checks and controls on this vehicle.

We just replaced the engine in this vehicle and now that the new engine has been installed, we’re going to go ahead and run it and make sure that there are no leaks, no drips, no issues of any kind before we even send it out on the test drive because we want that owner to have the perfect peace of mind of knowing he’s going to leave and be ready to hit the highways.

Now, this vehicle is a classic. It’s an old Bronco. It’s truly a collectible vehicle at this point. However, it also is 25 years old and needs a little bit of love.

If you own a classic or collectible vehicle or just an oldie, but goodie in Denver that you want to keep on the road, come and see us here at Saul’s Autotek because we want to help make sure that your repairs are done the way you want.

In the case of this owner, we have the option of a used motor, a new motor or a high-performance motor, and the owner said they wanted the most cost-effective or the most reliable, interesting parameters. We can work with that. So we just got a used motor, we overload the top end of it to make sure everything is perfect, we reseal the entire engine so it’s going to last as long as possible, and now we’re running it up in the air for a good hour and a half to make sure that not a drop hits the ground underneath.

If you’ve got a vehicle that’s got concerns, whether it’s two years old or 20 years old, whether it needs a small change like an oil change or a big change like an engine change, come and see us here at Saul’s Autotek. We’re going to do the quality checks and performance controls to make sure that your vehicle leaves perfect every time, seven days a week for your convenience. Come bring us your vehicle and let us show you.


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