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1965 Ford Galaxy Transforms into a Ready-To-Go Drag RaceCar. 

This 1965 Ford Galaxy is in a long process of becoming a drag race carThe vehicle came in from its second owner and stimulated what his goals are with what he wanted to be done with his classic car. After looking at the car, Saul’s AUTOTEK and the owner hashed out a plan so that the vehicle would be in perfect condition for a lifetime career in Drag Racing. Within these plans the owner wanted this car to last as long as possible and have enough power to go on the payment within doing Drag Racing. Also, we talked about the requirement that we need in order to have enough traction for the tires when they are racing.

As you can see, we were able to rebuild the whole rear end of the car so it will be ready to go for Drag Racing. Many other shops do not have all the parts to be able to fix the owner’s desires for the car but at Saul’s AUTOTEK we have all of the parts in order to fix this car.

In conclusion, if you need to know the best game-plan for keeping your Race Car on the track and not in the shop give Saul’s AUTOTEK a call at 303-919-7769!

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